Architecture – Triptych


This triptych was the individual end result of a group project. In groups of 3 to 4 people, we were assigned a building in the city, which we had to measure from scratch, using 2 m long sticks, measuring tapes and camera.

The first piece of the triptych (left) represent the front of the building as it would be drawn by an architect. The middle piece only represent the shadows we could observe. Lastly, the right-hand piece is a colour version of the front. It has been made with colour and superimposed sheets of paper, recreating the front as it is seen from the street. We had to find sheets of paper the closest to the actual colours.
Each piece is made on half raisin format (25×65 cm)


Architecture – Perspective

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Those two perspectives were made for an exercise. We had to pick an existing house from modern architects, pick an angle and build up the perspective. The final touch was to recreate a landscape around the house, a coloured sky and colour the illustration.


For this perspective, we had to create any perspective following certain directions (width of the project – 4 squares – size of the window, etc.), cut at a certain high and drawn the plan. In the end we had to find a picture that used the same central point and sort of matched our design to put in the back.


Buzz Mag – Part 4


And last but not least, the cover and template. They have slightly evolved since I did my first drafts.

Here is the final cover, with Honeyblood, Edinburgh-originated band. I also designed the back cover ad, for Akva.Buzz_cover


When I created the template, I made it quite strict, very “book-like”, which, I learnt, does not work for a magazine. I adapted it to my teammates ideas, to make it feel more like a magazine.


Buzz Mag Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Buzz Mag – Part 3


While my design team was working on their parts (my team had 6 members, the magazine 5 sections including one slightly longer… Perfect!), I was experimenting on section pages. They ended up being cut off as we had beautiful pictures that we wanted to showcase.
I worked on the type, the colours were from the palette we chose and the pictures extacts of different articles.

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I know I said there were 5 sections, but we decided to take them out of the magazine before I had the image for the fifth one which is then not really interesting.

Buzz Mag Part 1 | Part 2

A Voyage to Arcturus – Marketing Material

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For the MSc book project, my team gathered to work on long-forgotten science fiction classic A voyage to Arcturus. As Design and production manager, I worked on different things from creating a strong branding for the project to designing the cover and being in touch with the printers. Our branding resonate on the entire project but is mostly visible on our marketing material: social media profile pictures and banners, printed material etc.

We created (or edited) a font, to give the original font more of a 1920’s touch (original era of the book), while keeping the overall design quite simple.

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As for printed material, we created two: the first one is a postcard you can hold to the light, and the second one a roller banner we used in gathering and conferences.

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